Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!! Let's begin with an Epic Book Haul

Happy New Year everyone!! Cheers to a great year ahead filled with amazing books worthy of all the fangirling!

I won't start the year with a New Year's Resolution for two reasons: firstly, that I'm rather bad at keeping them then feel bad later that they weren't kept and secondly, because my one year blogoversary is coming up in two days and I'll talk about my plans for this blog then. So instead I have a book haul of EPIC proportions. 

Why is it epic you might wonder? Three reasons: 
1 - Employee appreciation days and I work at a bookstore. Of course I had to buy all the books.
2 - My birthday and I asked for books.
3 - Christmas and again: I asked for books. 

Let's begin shall we? Books I bought for myself

Books Box sets that I got for my birthday:

Note: That Hobbit and LOTR box set is leather bound, pocket sized, and completely adorable.

Books that I got for Christmas:


I'm so excited to read them all! Technically, I read Fangirl and TFIOS already and the Hobbit and LOTR but they're due for a reread/finish. Problem is I have no idea where to start.

So, have you read any of these? Which is your favorite?
 Where should I begin?!
By the way, I also got Supernatural socks and am currently wearing ones that say "Keep calm and carry salt."
They make me happy.


  1. Umm I'm so glad your back and HOLY COW U got a lot of books! I can't believe you got Throne of Glass, one of my all time favorite series. PLEASE ENJOY IT LOL!! I loveedd it, and I can't help it but share my love with everyone who is about to read it! Happy New Year, well late new year and well have a wonderful rest of the break.

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

    1. Haha yup yup. December got unexpectedly busy. I meant to post more often then. Lol yes I did! I'm actually reading Throne of Glass now! I've heard so many good things about it!

      Happy New Year to you too!! =)


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