Hello there and welcome to my blog!

The Book Dancer was started on January 3, 2014 after I finally convinced myself that I read way too much (if there can even be such a thing) but had no one and no place to discuss what I'd read. This blog is my outlet for exactly that and will contain mostly reviews of the different books I read but will also include other book related posts like reading challenges, book hauls, interesting new and upcoming books, etc.

My name is Jazzie. I live with my dog, several adopted/saved cats and more books than what properly fits on my shelves. I generally lean towards reading YA fiction including practically anything to do with fantasy, adventure, dystopia, or romance. I'll read anything that's fiction though whether it's YA, adult, or hobbit. I currently work in my local Barnes and Noble in the children/teen department so I'm constantly surrounded by lovely books everywhere I go. I got the title of this blog by blending my years of studying dance with my love of reading.

Fun Facts:
- My doggy's name is Padfoot and he solemnly swears he's up to no good.
- I don't have a favorite book. It's too stressful to pick just one.
- I do have a favorite movie: The Princess Bride and my favorite TV shows are a tie between Once Upon a Time and Supernatural with The Walking Dead not too far behind.
Working in a bookstore has significantly increased my TBR pile more than I expected and I did expect it.

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