Friday, May 22, 2015

So I've been a crappy blogger this month...

 aka the part of this blog where I'll talk about books in general, blogging in general or basically anything I want... in general. 

So like the title of this post says, I've been a bit of a crappy blogger this month. Last month, I marathoned through all of The Lunar Chronicles and absolutely loved every bit of it. But then, after I reviewed Scarlet, I essentially didn't stop reading until I finished Cress and Fairest
What has that got to do with my blogging abilities you may ask?

Apparently I stressed myself out so much about not reviewing Cress and Fairest in a timely enough manner that I worked myself into an epic reading slump. I don't even have a real reason for not writing my reviews on time aside from, I just didn't want to stop reading to write them. Then, after I finished Fairest, I was so into Levana's prequel storyline that I couldn't focus properly when I went back and tried to go back to review Cress. What bugs me is that I had so much I wanted to say about these books but every time I sat down to write about them, my mind went blank (For example: I have a funny feeling Lihn Garan is still alive somewhere. Is that just me? Because how else is Winter going to get better?) Then enough days passed where the tiny details of the books began to fade and it felt like writing reviews now would not be fair to the books. (Books have feelings too you know!) But, since I knew I wanted to write the reviews, I didn't start reading a new book because I knew that those details would fade even more if I started reading a new book and entered a new book world. Besides, I tried reading other things and just couldn't really focus on them. Not even A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas could end my reading slump and it's SARAH J. MAAS!!!

Speaking of whom, she is going to be at BookCon which is less than TEN days away! I had all these pre-BookCon plans like properly creating a schedule of what I wanted to see and who I wanted to get autographs from and reading all the books I owned from authors who were going to be there. I only partially got through creating a schedule and I failed at reading basically all month. Now I'm just all sorts of behind in all the things and because I'm all sorts of behind I don't know where to begin to catch up. I didn't even do the tags that I wanted to do because all of this would have distracted me from writing those reviews!

Seriously, guys, this is how my weirdo brain works. 
Monkey, monkey, underpants. 

Anywho, in an attempt to get myself out of this nonsense, I will not be reviewing Cress and Fairest like I planned to (just know that I have major love for the both of them and that I cannot wait for Winter) but I will be revamping the way I write my reviews to something simpler and more straight to the point. The English major in me comes out way too strongly whenever I review something which is why reviewing becomes stressful. I was the kind of English major that procrastinated as much as possible when writing essays (which I hate doing) to the point where I basically spent all of my junior and senior semesters pulling all-nighters. I highly recommend not doing this. No amount of coffee will save you. 

So I leave you with these questions and a promise that I'll be a better blogger from now on: 
Do you stress over writing reviews? 
If you do, how do you pick which of the books you read to review? 

Also (that this is entirely off topic) if you're stressing over anything or just having a bad day, watch this. I promise it will make your day and make you smile - particularly if you're a Supernatural fan.


  1. The only reviews I stress over writing are the ones on books I really loved, on books I got for review, and on books I really don't know how to review because none of the ideas/characters/storylines in them struck me as being new. For the most part, I review all the books I read, unless I've been reading a bunch of nonfiction. I always jot down my initial thoughts on a book right after I finish it, so even if I don't recall everything about a book, I have something to work with.
    Good luck on your BookCon expedition! I'm sure that will be fun. :)
    ~Litha Nelle

    1. See that's probably what I have to start doing. I should either jot down quick notes of what I want to say about a book right after reading like you do or just be really intense and take notes as I'm reading. I started taking sticky notes and sticking them on pages with my favorite quotes or important plot points but that's not always helpful enough.

      Thanks! It was so so much fun!!


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