Sunday, March 1, 2015

February Wrap-Up + Psst! I'm going to BookCon!!

To be honest, February was a really slow reading month for me. I'm now five books behind on my Goodreads Reading Challenge and I haven't read anything for my fairytale retelling challenge. After reading through all the Throne of Glass books in January, I started Assassin's Blade at the beginning of February, and I'm only half way through with it. It's not because I'm not enjoying it. Actually, it's quite the opposite. But I know that once I'm done with Assassin's Blade, I will have RUN OUT of books about Celaena and her adventures until Queen of Shadows comes out in the Fall. It's just so far away and I'm just not ready to let go!!

Also, another reason why I haven't been reading too much this month is I have found a new obsession and it's name is Pinterest. Oh my gosh, I just love it so much. Now, I've actually had a Pinterest account for a while but I never knew what to do with it and I never really got the whole point of it. UNTIL NOW!! I have 13 boards already - most of which are dedicated to my favorite fandoms and that's only the beginning! Now I have a place to gather all my favorite fanart and quotes and other lovely bookish things all in neat little piles. Which is amazing because A) fanart is amazing though it reminds me of my lack of drawing skills, B) going through quotes and gifs is like rereading my favorite books without actually rereading them, and C) they're all in neat little piles! Okay, they're called "boards" but same difference - they're organized and neat and that's what matters.

Now for the epically exciting news: I'M GOING TO BOOKCON!!!!
This year will be the second year for BookCon. It's something that was previously called Power Reader Day and is a part of the BEA Convention that happens every year for book industry professionals. However, BookCon is open to the public rather than just being for the pros so anyone can get tickets. I really wanted to go last year but I heard about it too late and wasn't able to get off work or get tickets in time - which doubly sucks because Rick Riordan was there last year and well, he's Rick Riordan. 

This year BookCon will be on May 30-31 at the Javits Center in New York. I heard some good and bad things about BookCon last year. Considering it was their first year though, I'm hoping they've worked a few more kinks out this second time around. This is year they are doing it a little differently mainly because the convention will be set up over the course of a full weekend (last year it was just one day) and I have tickets for both days. I'm so excited!! So many awesome authors will be there including Sarah J. Maas, Rainbow Rowell, Marie Lu, Alexandra Bracken, Sarah Dessen, Marissa Meyer, Leigh Bardugo, Libba Bray, and Jenny Han. Those are only the ones I'm most excited to see but there are so many more amazing authors who will be there. Major publishing companies like Random House, Penguin, Candlewick, HarperCollins, Hatchette, and Simon Schuster will also be exhibiting. As of right now, it's too early to know exactly what events will be held. Last year, there were author panels, Q&As, autographing sessions, special screenings, and trivia games. 

I'm sooooo excited - did I mention that already? Because it's true I am. I have no idea how I'm going to do everything I want because I want to do EVERYTHING.

That's all I have for updates right now. Is anyone else going to BookCon? Or did you go last year? Any pointers or words of wisdom to get to do all the things? I already know I have to get there early. That's one perk of living just across the river from New York City. I can get there in just ten minutes if there's no traffic. Though I'm always expecting traffic. 

Also, one last thing: a new layout design is coming and I'm so so so SO excited for that too. 


  1. OMG IM FREAKING JEALOUS! I just recently attended ApollyCon and met with Sarah J. Maas and Alexandra Bracken but holy you're going to see them and Rainbow Rowell there! I'm so jealoussss.. Also it's in New York and I live in NY so idk why I'm not going. Probs because it's pricey? Or do we have to pay? It would be so great to see you since I saw Rachel from A perfection called books at ApollyCon! We could totally chat about books and go book shopping together. Have a lot of fun and I'll tell you if I could go lol!

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

    1. Oh my gosh I haven't heard of ApollyCon - must do research so I can attend next year. 0.0 BookCon actually wasn't as pricey as I thought it would be. It's $30 for Saturday and $35 for Sunday (I might have that backwards). The only downfall is that apparently you have to pay for some of the books. They aren't all complementary. Though you can bring your own for authors to sign. It would be really great to see you too. Haha yes, definitely let me know and we can do a meet up! =)

  2. OMGGGG BOOKCON SOUNSD AMAZING AND LUCKY YOU!!! I hope you have a really really awesome time! (Will we get a post? pictures?!! PLEASE.) They don't have anything like that in Australia which always ticks me off. -_- I miss out on the cool things! But does this mean you'll MEET Sarah J Maas?! ERMAGERD SO LUCKY!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. EEEE!!!! It does and I'm so excited!! Haha of course there will be a post and pictures and probably a massive book haul (apparently there are complementary books - not all of them, but some). I wanted to go JUST to see Sarah J Maas =D


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