Friday, January 3, 2014

Hello 2014!

It's three days into the new year. I've never been one for New Year's Resolutions but this year I'm making some (and hopefully sticking to them). There's just something very promising about a new year that makes the inner dreamer in me particularly optimistic.

Now, I don't know if I can call my resolutions "resolutions" per say because none of them are really things that need to be resolved. Maybe "goals" is a better word for them. Resolute goals. We'll go with that.

#1 - THIS BLOG - Blogging is something that I've considered doing for a while now but have never actually done. However, recently, my considering has turned into a definitive want as I've started following different blogs and vlogs of people who have the same interests in reading as I do. So with that said, my first goal of the new year is to blog. This blog will be used for book reviews, thoughts, and general comments about the wonderful worlds of books, reading, and writing. For the most part, I'll probably be posting reviews of books I'm reading but it will probably also include tidbits about authors I like, quotes on reading and writing, notes on any book-a-thons I enter, and other things of that nature.

#2 - READ - Clearly, I love books otherwise I wouldn't be starting a book blog. I typically read a lot of YA fiction with a focus on fantasy, adventure, dystopia - those sorts of genres. I'm going to try the 100 book challenge this year and see how far I get. According to my Goodreads profile I only read 26 books in 2013 but I have a feeling that I left a few out. Still, rounding up to 30-35ish books, that's a long way off from 100 but that's my goal. Read 100 books. Read new authors of which I have plenty in mind including John Green who I've never read. (I know! That's practically YA blasphemy.) And maybe even read more adult fiction just to change it up.

#3 - WRITE - Now, of course, I can't blog about writing until I actually start writing. Therefore, my second goal for the year is to write more. I need to stop passively saying I want to be a writer and actively actually write something. Who cares if what I write is crap? That's what revisions are for... and second revisions and thirds and fourths. If every writer's first draft was immediately published... well, there'd be a lot of bad books out there. Plus, I have too many ideas floating around in my head that I need to do something with instead of just making mental notes to write down. Maybe, just maybe, I'll even be able to wrap up the year with a complete manuscript. Blogging-wise, I plan on posting at least twice a week to start with and maybe more as I fall into the flow of blogging.

#4 -  BE MORE SPONTANEOUS - Now I don't mean, random bursts of craziness that are likely to get my already klutzy, accident-prone self hurt. (Good god, I just thought of myself doing an extreme sport and envisioned the painful ending that would likely ensue.) I mean, live life to the fullest. Go out more. Have more fun. Do more things. I live less than 10 minutes from New York City for goodness sakes and I never go there! There's a logical reason for that though - the thought of traversing the subways gives me anxiety. Put me in London on the tube and I'll be fine; places and directions are labeled clearly. But put me in New York with subways named only with letters that crisscross directions everywhere and we'll have problems. Maybe I should add that to my goals.
Sub-goal: Conquer fear of the New York subway system.

That's it for now. Those are my resolute goals for the year. Thanks for reading and welcome to my blog!

- Jazzie Kings aka The Book Dancer

Currently reading: Legend by Marie Lu
Progress: page 87
Thoughts so far: A bit slow on the uptake. I could have gone without knowing beforehand from reading the inside flap that Metias was going to die. All in all, I'm liking it though I'm not at the point of loving it yet. I like reading from June's POV more than Day's but that's only because Day's habit of using terms like 'goddy' or 'cousin' seem very stilted and are off-putting to me. Probably, because I've never heard anyone using those terms - ever.

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